This site is only about one thing and that's to show the world our Coffs Harbour town in pictures, videos and other fun ways that make our town unique. A city on the sea Coffs Harbour has a 150 year history on this serene coastal piece of paradise. Our sub tropical rain forests go right up to the sea and has one of Australia's most temperate climates. Along with this one of the most diverse eco systems in the world with a unique blend of nature, people and bananas as this is what our area is well known for. We have lots of regular markets, rail, airport, tourism attractions and enough shopping and dining areas to keep you occupied for weeks. Beautiful sandy beaches, fishing by boat or off a pier, bush walking with some of the best walking tracks in Australia, ride a bike, swim and  surf all year round.  Just select a page on the left and checkout our fabulous area.  

Being a local and photographer I regularly take photos of all the different parts of Coffs Harbour. From the Butterflies and insects to the natural area beauty that surrounds the town. Walking through the mangrove creek walks one is transported to a different place away from all the madness in the world and you soon learn to appreciate the nature of the area. From huge eels that swim around the creeks, the water dragon lizards and the many variety of birds like that of the Bower Birds, Kookaburra, Kingfishers, and so many other varieties I can't keep up with all names.

Koalas in the trees, kangaroos and wallabies to bats hanging around some of the creek areas. To pythons and tree snakes in the bush. Our Botanical Gardens are a different experience everyday you go there. The beaches with miles of sand and surf to the calmer waters of the Jetty area where you can relax and fish or walk around and stop for drink there too. We have a tourism Butterfly House and Dolphin Park or have free look around the miniature Dutch village at the Clog Barn and then head off to The Big Banana Australia's first main Big Thing Icon. Its hard to get bored here because there's lots to see and do. 


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