This site is only about one thing and that's to show the world Coffs Harbour town in pictures, videos and other fun ways that make our town unique. A city by the sea Coffs Harbour has a 150 year history on this serene coastal piece of paradise. Our sub tropical rain forests go right up to the sea and has one of Australia's most temperate climates. Along with this one of the most diverse eco systems in the world with a unique blend of nature, people and bananas as this is what our area is well known for. We have lots of regular markets, rail, airport, tourism attractions and enough shopping and dining areas to keep you occupied for weeks. Beautiful sandy beaches, fishing by boat or off a pier, bush walking with some of the best walking tracks in Australia, ride a bike, swim and  surf all year round.  Select A Page on the left and checkout our fabulous area.  All the videos and photos on all these pages are from Coffs Harbour.  Click on any photo to enlarge it.

It may be hard to believe but you get all of this just in our town. Look through all the pages on this site and you'll be amazed at what's in our town. Everyday and every place even though its the same town varies daily and there's always something different to see if you seek it out. Make your next trip an adventure in Coffs Harbour. We have one of the best climates in the world.
Welcome To At Coffs
At The Butterfly House
Back Street Graffiti.
Botanic Gardens
Central Town.
Fitzroy Park Oval Area.
Coffs Harbour Botanical Gardens.
Greenhouse Tavern Area
Back street graffiti
Water Dragon Lizards Around Town
Jetty Theatre
Jetty - Pelican
Mutton Bird Island - Crane
The Breakwall near the foreshore area.
Soldier Crabs - Coffs Creek
Butterfly In Town
The Big Banana Tourism Complex is located on the north side of the Pacific Highway in Coffs Harbour.
Botanic Gardens
Camel rides at the foreshore
Jetty Marina is a great place for a stroll and checkout the colorful fish.
Botanic Gardens
Entrance to Mutton Bird Island
Butterfly In Town
Pacific Highway and the Coffs Rail Bridge
Greenhouse Tavern
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Dragon Fly
Botanic Gardens
Tawny Frogmouth
Coffs Foreshore
The Jetty Pier
Whale Tail Fountain - Jetty
Jetty Commercial fishing boats.
Botanic Gardens
Water Dragon Lizards Around Town
Popular Playground - Brelsford Park in the centre of town.
Banana Growers
Sailing in Coffs Harbour
Flowering Gums
Falling Leaf - Apex Park City Central
Butterfly - In Town
Hibiscus Harlequin Bugs
The Clog Barn has free entry!
Jetty View
Boat Race At The Foreshore
The Coffs Coast Is Very Popular
Brush Turkey - Fitzroy Oval Area
Galah - Jetty Park Area
Dog At The Beach
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